Marilyn Rummel - Harpist and Teacher - Vancouver Island and Beyond!

Want to learn to play the harp?  Already taking harp lessons with Marilyn Rummel? This is your place - Welcome to Harp Canada Studio!
Marilyn teaches harp to children and adults from Nanoose to Mill Bay, from the Nanaimo Conservatory to her home studio in Duncan in the heart of the Cowichan Valley, Come and learn to play harp!

Theory apps for iPad 

Just got an email from the Royal Conservatory of Music saying their new theory apps, only for iPad, are now available - free.  They have from prep level to level 4, so for beginners, and especially for kids and adults needing help with reading this could be good. Of course, I have no iPad, so can't check it out, but sould love to hear if anyone else does. Leave a comment below so people can read about it!

Duncan Harp ensemble class 

Open to all levels, and running the 2nd, 4th, and 5th Wednesdays of the month at the Duncan studio. Each five-month term, $199 (Sept - Jan), Feb - June) You can sign up and pay via paypal on the workshops page, or bring your cheque to the first class.


Harp Pedagogy 101 

I'm offering a new course through the Nanaimo Conservatory which will equip harpists to become teachers of beginners and beyond. We will use the Harp Start Series as our basic text, and add info about how and why I do particular things. We need more harp teachers on the island - and there is no better way to learn to play well than in studying and helping others to achieve a good foundation.

The class costs are still being worked out by the conservatory but I would so love to hear from those who might be…

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Summer Harp Days 

Folks have been asking - and there must be some kind of harp scent in the air, because I've been busy with new-harper enquiries. As regulars know, schedules have been a little tight lately. Well, frankly, very tight. But help is on the horizon in the form of a student teacher for next year, and a new harp pedagogy class to train and empower some more new teachers. More about that in a separate post.

So, to get us ready for that, here's a summer class plan:

August 4 & 5 - Summer Harp Days!

  • Aug 4…

Motoshi Kosaka in Vancouver  

Sunday, June 25th 2017  Motoshi Kosako- 

Jazz Harpist from California, USA at the Vancouver Academy of Music

1270 Chestnut Street in Vanier Park, Vancouver

  • 9:00am to noon: Private Lessons 
  • 1:30-2:45pm Jazz Harp Concert 
  • 3:00-3:45pm Workshop part.1 
  • 4:00-4:45pm Workshop part.2 


  • Concert: General $25 
  • Students & Seniors $20 
  • 2 Workshops $50 ($25 each) 
  • Concert & Workshop Combo $65 

Please email: to book your spot.

Bernard Andres Night - So Great! 

I didn't count but at least 13 harpists played Ribambelle #3, a host of other harpsists played (solos) Ribambelles and Automates, we had a round of duets, and an ensemble version of La Gimblette. Then we topped it off with the Youth Harp Ensemble playing La Ragazza. Maybe the biggest Andres night this side of the Atlantic!!

Thanks to all who participated, who came to listen, and for practicing so hard to do so well.  C'est magnifique!

Kunghou Concert in Vancouver April 8th 

The Westcoast Harp Society is delighted present a concert by the amazing Nathania Ko. Tickets by donation - please come and support Nathania and the West Coast Harp Society!  The concert will be at Pyatt Hall at the Vancouver Symphny School of Music in downtown Vancouver.

The Konghou is the name of the ancient Chinese harp, but the modern kunghou is as different from the historical one as the pedal harp is from the medieval gothic harp. It is fully modern and fully beautiful. Here's an example:


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Concenti Concert 

The choir I sing with is doing a concert in Duncan April 23rd. Sunday, 2 pm. The music is mostly Canadian, celebrating our sense of place - it's call "this Land is What I am". I have tickets ($15 if you're interested in coming) See the post above for changes to the schedule this music-making hath wrought.

Bernard Andres night May 4th 

7 pm at Nanaimo Conservatory of music. Bring you French flavoured snacks, and your appetite for beautiful music. Everyone is invited to play their Andres tune, and we'll finish with a group play of Ribambelle #3.
The Vancouver Island Youth Harpers will play La Ragazza, his famous piece in 4 gorgeous movements for 4 harps. Be there or be square as we used to say!

I played this better at home  

I've heard this a time or two...   It went perfectly well at home, but here at the lesson...

Many of you know me fairly well by now, and if you've been working with me for a while you'll know how I love to experiment, especially with ideas about the brain, the body, and the learning!

I've been thinking for a few weeks about the phenomenon of forgetting things as you walk through doors. The last five years has seen quite a bit of research into this, and it turns out we do have a tendency to forget things when…Read more

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