September 2020

the Mermaid of Yellow Point


sept 23/20

lesson recording


May 14



April 30m  (no recording)

siciliana - beautiful playing - just go slow and relaxed - no stress to the hand

salzedo - sheet on group pg

polca - make sure you use the one in key of G (with F#'s)

prep for recording

b part - just play the top notes




April 14 -

siciliana -  - terrific - resting thumbs

record soom

polca - also for possible recoding

thumb scales study -- rest your thumb at every opportinutuiy




April 2 recording


Polca of the north - awesome! 


4 and 1 all over the harp



learn at least harp 2 as we'll try recording our parts for this in May


canon in D from group lesson

I ll post a new version to work from on that page