Suzuki Harp Bk 2 recordings

Thanks to Aimee, who alerted me to this, I've located the soundfiles available for all the Suzuki harp books.   The two sites below have samples you can hear, and in the first one, the samples are long, so they contain…


Lisa Burell - for violinists and harpers, too

This is the second in a series of lessons that explore some of the common elements in left hand tension, discomfort, and difficulty. This lesson brings awareness directly to functional properties of the hand itself. 

I have…


Transformation Movement Lessons

One of the participants in our recent - and cancelled - Feldenkrais course was Maureen Briglio, who has let me know that she is doing Zoom movement lessons Fridays at 9:30 am. She has been teaching these lessons at the…


An interesting article about Wurlitzer harps

In 1911, Wurlitzer became the top supplier of automatic harps to brothels in the Barbary Coast, San Francisco's red-light district. 

But first, what is an automatic harp? Why would anyone, let alone a brothel, want one? 

In the…


Getting ready for Zoom distance lessons

Notes for the Gearing up for Zoom on line 


Before your first class: 

download zoom onto your phone, or computer or tablet or laptop. It should be on the device you will use for lessons, something…


SOLD Nice older Aoyama harp for sale

A friend is selling her circa 1980 Aoyama 34 string harp. It's in good condition for its age and would be a good student instrument for an adult student.  It has full levers but they are older and not suitable…

Alice Friedman - Feldenkrais for Musicians

Alice Friedman returns for workshops for musicians and other performers - registration

She's written some descriptions of the classes in the poster below, which you are welcome to send along to your friends!





Wellspring 36 for sale

 This is a really nice maple harp with Truitt levers and a softcase for sale for $3000  In North Saanich/ Sydney area. Use the contact button or email me to her her info.



Metronomes for the Rhythmic spring

We've been talking rhythm in our classes this month, and I've been on about the value of a metronome. I (and are you surprised?) perhaps don't use them in the most usual ways, but I find them very helpful.