Youth and Adult Open Mic coffee house - May 8th 2021

The Nanaimo Conservatory of Music is hosting a great on-line event to get prepped for those year-end recitals and to meet and share with other students on-line.

The youth open mic is 2 -3 pm and the adults are 7…


Listening Challenge #2

Somehow lost the link for # 2, so this is the new #2, and I hope to get that other one back soon.

Tristan LeGovic - Tristan just played a festival at the Isle of Wight - of course…


The 2021 Listening challenge

We did a listening challenge a few years ago (if you keep digging backwards in this blog you'll find it) now it's time for the 2021 edition.

The Rules -

1. listen/watch the tunes. A new one each…


A Splendid Messiah

Against the Grain Theatre Company and Toronto Symphony produced an absolutely fantastic production of Messiah, call Messiah/Complex, featuring soloists of First Nations, Inuit and Metis descent. Some of in languages other than English. Just beautiful singing, recorded from wherever the…


Christmas parties and recitals

Theyre all on-line of course, and you're welcome. If you didn't get an invite in your email, please just push the contact button and ask me for one! Remember, this is NOT the regular login.  All subscribers and visitors and…


A wonderful lecture about Harpo Marx

Thanks to the harplist email server - (which you can subscribe to if you're old-school :) - I discovered this excellent thesis presentation about the doctoral candidate research Dr. Molly O'Roark did on the contribution to the harp world of…