Harp Start Books

Harp Start Book 1 - lessons from the very beginning. How to play with a beautiful sound and a sense of freedom. Includes a 30 page Guidebook for teachers and self-teachers.

Harp Start Bk 2 - More advanced material, continuing exploration of chords, beautiful tones and group playing. Includes study sheets for Pachelbel Canon in D, and a useful bass hand study

Harp Start Songbook - Not a sequential method book, but a book of beautiful, interesting, pedagogically useful solos that don't feel "dumbed-down". Includes Xmas carols, traditional and original pieces.

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Xmas Music

Infant Holy - Ensemble and solo
  • Infant Holy - Ensemble and solo
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A beautiful tune for Xmas or for other times as well. In three parts from beginner to intermediate - intermediate part features some fast arpeggio work in one verse. Harp 3 can be played as a beginner level solo.

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Wexford Carol
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An early intermediate level medieval style setting of this beautiful Irish carol. Modal, with lots of well-marked lever flipping. No pedal markings but suitable for pedal as well.

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Deck the Hall
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This great Welsh carol deserves to be played more often. This arrangement makes use of the left hand playing a chime accompaniment woven through the piece. In three verse, intermediate level, with a one verse beginner level that can be played with the other, or as a beginner solo.

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