2020 -2021

Sept 9th, 2020

Build-up arpeggios

the new way - metronome at 20 - top and bottom note


Dream habanera  - first 12 measures

pick up the music for this

listen to all the recordings of the world


adio querida -

get it back - up to speed



sept 15


flawless at 20 -   and eventually the downhill version - loosing a finger

Dream habanaera




sept 23

new tempo 25

adio querida


Dream habanera -  much better rhythm today .  m. 10  1 +a  2 + 3 +1

plus scale -




last year - 2019 - 2020

,may have some recordings to listen to again

Lessons:  now Tuesdays at 7 pm

March 31 recording

warm up with scales!

do your reading and really learn the last part of Joropa - ask me if you need help

Last page of Adio Carida

remember the read and learn away from the harp trick. 

lots of help on the recording. Studying that away from the harp could help as well.


April 7 -

joropa -  all about the counting

read, then play. and listen to you recording


adio - do last recording to check if you are correct.



April 14th

la riviere - 15

slow and then fast   goal is mm 30  for slow  and 52 for fast


Joropo only needs the ending  90

record it when it is good at mm 90


Adio Querida

finish page 2 -- study the rubato issue


Clementi - last movement - brush up. Go for speed once you have accuracy

next week or after querida is polished - Shenandoah and a jig


eventually - other 2 movements of clementi


April 21

let me know if this doesnt work


la riv - 18

new work -  read the page - watch video - slow.

starting the build up arpeggio -


Clementi -- review and polish mvt 3

start andante - to measure 10 - start memorizing away from the harp


Joropa - record at 90



Adio -  next week we'll give it a major go...


April 30

build-up arpeggio

play land - in solids -


andante -  till m 8  -   keeps studying away from harp


adio -  all good except for last 2 measure of pg 2 which are missing the notes of F# in rh the upper DF# in left crossing over.   This repeats the next time you do that passage on pg 3. 

The ending is easy - you've already done it earlier in the piece.  so finish and be happy


record joropa -- mm 90

May 12

build goes from top to bottom -  land as fast as you need for the fast part when you're still slow.

accent the top and bottom note


clementi - last movement smooth without interruptions in the flow of the music - pick the tempo that you can sustain throughout

2nd movement -  first 8 bars, and look ahead to the next 8 which we will tackle next week.


trill is 2312321




May 19


mvt 3 at 115 mm  all the way through first page


build up arpeggio

accents at bottom and top

keep your hand in a straight and level line from octave to actave, with only the last rh going up in a slope

adio querida




May 25


adio including end

build up