Phyllis Robinson

There is a nice article I just read from a small paper in San Diego near where Phyllis Robinson lives.  She and her husband were hugely important in getting the California harp scene happening in the 70's and she still…

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poem in your pocket day

since I didn't see you on the day, here is my poem for this year:

Jazz (A Variation) 

by Lorie Miseck 

A minor key swings open the blue door 
of the heart.  Brassed and unhinged 
sound unwinds.

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Feldenkrais lessons for Musicians

What a great week  - here we are thinking about the skeleton and how it relates to support through the feet for playing or singing. More lessons coming in July - stayed tuned, watch you newsletter for more info. If…

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wonderful video - and not even about music!

This has knocked me off my feet. A video from Paris compiled from footage shot from 1896 - 1900 by the Lumiere brothers who were by and large the inventors of the moving picture (and their last names WERE Lumiere!)…

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A new tuner - info for all harpists!

As many of you know I'm pretty obsessed with the search for a great tuner. For a while I very happily recommended the Intelli MT500 which is the main tuner I use, having bought up all the ones left in…

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