Listening Challenge #2

Somehow lost the link for # 2, so this is the new #2, and I hope to get that other one back soon.

Tristan LeGovic - Tristan just played a festival at the Isle of Wight - of course…

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The 2021 Listening challenge

We did a listening challenge a few years ago (if you keep digging backwards in this blog you'll find it) now it's time for the 2021 edition.

The Rules -

1. listen/watch the tunes. A new one each…

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A Splendid Messiah

Against the Grain Theatre Company and Toronto Symphony produced an absolutely fantastic production of Messiah, call Messiah/Complex, featuring soloists of First Nations, Inuit and Metis descent. Some of in languages other than English. Just beautiful singing, recorded from wherever the…

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Christmas parties and recitals

Theyre all on-line of course, and you're welcome. If you didn't get an invite in your email, please just push the contact button and ask me for one! Remember, this is NOT the regular login.  All subscribers and visitors and…

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A wonderful lecture about Harpo Marx

Thanks to the harplist email server - (which you can subscribe to if you're old-school :) - I discovered this excellent thesis presentation about the doctoral candidate research Dr. Molly O'Roark did on the contribution to the harp world of…

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Susan Hammond's Classical Kids

When my children were small, easily our best discovery of music to listen to  - children and adults - was this series of CD's.  Happily they are still available, and for anyone who missed them, I'm happy to write bit…

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A mask pattern

Severl folks asked about the masks I've been making. After many bazillion tries, I settled on this pattern. Mrs. Youtube showed me how to do it, but I can't find that one again. There are several that use the same…

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gearing up part 1 - basics

This is a short series of articles, with lots of info about how to prepare for distance lessons, either as a teacher or a student. While practically anything will "do", as we look to perhaps another year of this, it…

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gearing up part 3 - cameras and displays

The display -

If you are a teacher and you want to keep doing this distance teaching for days on end, you'll soon want to see what your students are doing without squinting at a tiny screen. It's probably…

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IMA Harp School moves on-line

Good news for those who have been waiting - IMA will offer an on-line program this summer. Registrants will participate in a live on-line two-hour class each morning with their instructor and their harp, there will be one "special…

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Historical Harp Society Virtual Conference

Historical Harp Society Virtual Conference 
Early Harp from the Past into the Present 
June 15-18. 2020 


Events will be in Zoom. Link will be posted at by June 12. 
Presentation descriptions will include videos to watch before…

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A most wonderful video

Most students, youth or adults, learn the lovely welsh "jigs" which are actually clog dances from Wales.  I was alerted to this fantastic video via the Harplist. It is from the Welsh version of the National Film Board, and dates…

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Harp for Sale

Just had this note from a subscriber:

I have a beautiful Lyon and Healy Prelude harp for sale.  I also have a concert music chair that is included. I am asking 

5000 firm for both.

My e

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