Harping for peace!

The Lanterns for Peace event, hosted by the Nanaimo chapter of the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, was held Tuesday night at Maffeo Sutton Park. Our own Eleanor Sinclair played harp for the event, and her "soundtrack" was…

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An inspiring interview

Adam Cole is a musician and teacher of both music and feldenkrais lessons. He was interviewed for a "thrive global" series about mental health earlier this month. He said, in part of the interview:

"Musicians, whether they have a

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Trying to gather up all the tuning videos in one place. Most of these are most applicable to new harpists, or those with new harps, but the troubleshooting one may be of interest - well, I hope in all of…

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summer christmas practicing

Yes, crazy as it is, I'm prepping for the fall. As I may have told you, I resolved to make this a Christmas year, and do a big concert on Dec. 22 with all the adult harpers and some…

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Phyllis Robinson

There is a nice article I just read from a small paper in San Diego near where Phyllis Robinson lives.  She and her husband were hugely important in getting the California harp scene happening in the 70's and she still…

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poem in your pocket day

since I didn't see you on the day, here is my poem for this year:

Jazz (A Variation) 

by Lorie Miseck 

A minor key swings open the blue door 
of the heart.  Brassed and unhinged 
sound unwinds.

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Feldenkrais lessons for Musicians

What a great week  - here we are thinking about the skeleton and how it relates to support through the feet for playing or singing. More lessons coming in July - stayed tuned, watch you newsletter for more info. If…

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wonderful video - and not even about music!

This has knocked me off my feet. A video from Paris compiled from footage shot from 1896 - 1900 by the Lumiere brothers who were by and large the inventors of the moving picture (and their last names WERE Lumiere!)…

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A new tuner - info for all harpists!

As many of you know I'm pretty obsessed with the search for a great tuner. For a while I very happily recommended the Intelli MT500 which is the main tuner I use, having bought up all the ones left in…

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Hello New Year!

2019 - hard to believe... but we've made it more or less intact and I hope you're all ready to launch back into lessons or whatever your harp direction takes you. 

Coming up this spring: Sivan Magen in Vancouver…

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