Summer Harp Days

Folks have been asking - and there must be some kind of harp scent in the air, because I've been busy with new-harper enquiries. As regulars know, schedules have been a little tight lately. Well, frankly, very tight. But help is on the horizon in the form of a student teacher for next year, and a new harp pedagogy class to train and empower some more new teachers. More about that in a separate post.

So, to get us ready for that, here's a summer class plan:

August 4 & 5 - Summer Harp Days!

  • Aug 4, Friday,  - 10 am - 12:30   Very beginners, and those wanting a technique brush up.  Harps available for the very beginners without one.
  • Aug 5, Sat. -  10am  - 12:30 pm    -  Harp day workshop  -  I'll find us some summer-ish music to play - maybe something from China!
  • Aug 5 -  1:30 - 3 pm  -  mini lessons -  3 or maybe 4 people can have short lessons, and the folks who want to stay for this part of it can listen. Always a good way to learn - from observing what others are working on. 

The registration is on the Workshops page - you can register for either day, or for both for a reduced rate. If you're going to Wells, and want a brush-up before you go - take advantage of this. Or get a jump start on the fall - and for those who are planning to do exams in January, this will be the perfect time to have a mini lesson to keep you practicing. Don't lose the work you've done!  In fact, let's say that first dibs on mini-lessons will go to you 4 - but please let me know if you would like one of the spots. And anyone else, please email me to claim one.

Don't forget to have a swim in the lake - or maybe the ocean before you practice - enjoy your summer!


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