Here are some books you might want to stock up on or look within:  (A-D; more to come)  All have a t least 3 or 4 Carolan pieces, and some have more

Panorama de la harpe celtique - Dominig Bouchaud.  (some easier, some trickier - med level)

Music for the Irish Harp - Volume 1 - Nancy Calthorpe  (a variety of levels)

Music for the Irish Harp - Volume 2 - Nancy Calthorpe 

Celtic Bouquet for the Harp - Nancy Calthorpe

The Irish Harper volume two (entirely carolan) - Maire ni Chathasaigh   (fairly tricky arrangements, but worth learning)

Irish Harp Music - Dennis Doyle (easy to medium)

Songs of the Irish Harpers - C. Milligan Fox  (arranged for voice and harp accompaniment)

Harping On - music of the early harpers -  Kathleen Loughnane  (wonderful book!)

Sounding Harps Bk 1 - Includes a nice arr of William O'Flinn       

                            Bk - 2 a couple

                            Bk 3 - includes a duet version of Morgan magan

                            Bk 4 quite a few tunes





Katrina has sent me a link to a list of the tunes from Sullivan's 1958 edition, (which is most of them) The website has midi and notation for each, so you can hear the tunes and see the basic notation.


From this I've made an index which is missing from both Sullivan and Rowsome books. I still need to add the last 60 or so from the later edition, but at least I have a good start. If you want to download it, it is here. The advantage is that Sullivan gave the tunes numbers, which Rowsome used as well, so we can use them to see other arrangements and the original. Next will be to add the numbers that Bunting used in 1803. Endless fun...