Greetings students!  Patti, Eleanor, Marie-ellen, Kirsty and Rebecca. Happy to add Rebecca to the class this year!!

The lesson recordings will be listed below, and room for comments, timings, or anything useful that you can share with your fellow class members. I will be going back to the "any problems" feature that was abandoned mid stream last year, so save up your challenges and we'll solve them together :)



review of cadenza

lever drill


thought I was recording but it doesn't seem to exist - sorry

work included - last 8 measure of Waltz cadenza. when that is good, move back a few bars at a time. know the last section from m. 24 for Jan

suo-gan -  look at the trill placing section now verse 2 - music will be here shortly!

reminder that all Studio A people are invited to the ensemble time on-line next Thursday 17th - unless the weather is very nice! - we will use it as a rehearsal for the party concert.



review the last 8 and do the first part of the cadenza

review the lever flipping drill. maybe a new one




trills - same note,  3 1   41   Suo gan

using trill for bis.  as in remembrance


Jan 27th -    A7 descending - Waltz of the flowers

dice game -   25 days!!!



salzedo with lever and rolled 432's

left hand with lever, rh plays top note


deb pg 1 and 2


recording jan 28


Debussy - done I hope

and here's a version just a little bit easier - may be a starting point



you can access last year's recordings here. Some (many? ) things will repeat, because we're not robots, and we need to keep practicing:)