Greetings students!  Patti, Eleanor, Marie-ellen, Kirsty and Rebecca. Great to have you back. These studio classes will also be available to other levels of studio class members. There are perhaps things to learn from every level. This is meant to be a resource, so ask questions or help each other out.  Feel free to add opinions, references, markers etc.  The video recordings will move to their own new page, but are here for the moment

This year we will focus this class on the technical requirements for the Grade 8 and 9 RCM exams. These are all things people should know how to do at an advanced level. Some will be familiar and some not, and all are guaranteed to challenge you and improve your playing!!!

You might want to download the harp syllabus and print out pg. 23-31 and pg 53.  These will be our backbone, but I promise to make it as enjoyable as possible!

Sept 16, 2021 

Scales in a all keys  1/4 note = 60   but practice slow with pauses, as well as 60 and occasional play fast!

Arpeggios major and minor chords


recording is archived here

Summer reports - what is new and exciting and where are the problems?

End of term 2020-2021 

All the recordings below are for the Sept 2020 - May 2021 term. Theyre here becasue we're continuing some of the work, and your re-application of the studies are invited!

some of these are out of order and I can't change them easily - just look for the month you want!


you can access 2019-2020 recordings here. Some (many? ) things will repeat, because we're not robots, and we need to keep practicing:)