The water is wide - for flute and harp

The Water is Wide - an easy version to play with harp and flute (or any other C instrument. Easy flute - or violin.  You'll probably be happy playing from the score, since it is easy enough, but if the extra info bothers you, choose the others. There is so much fun to be had in playing with other people - don't wait till you think you're "advanced enough" - do it now!

The score view

Flute only

harp only

Music to download from June 2016

various versions of Dalvimare/maybe Mozart variations. A simplified version, the new variation 4(b) and a link to the scan of the 1812 version
scarborough fair.pdf version for all Island harp day 2016 73.5 KB

Music for November 2016

Music for November 5, 2016 Harp Day. Printed copies will be available at the workshop, but if you want to practice in advance, here are your copies!  Current weekly students - most of you will have this from last year. Dig out those copies and you won't have to reprint
infant holy - harp 1 harp 1 in a 3 part arrangement. Mostly tune, easy. 12.3 MB
harp 2 infant holy harp 2 in a 3-part arrangement. a little more difficult with some fast arpeggios and no melody. 7.73 MB
harp 3 - infant holy some melody, some harmony 242 KB
solo version We won't use this much on the harp day, but it is similar to harp 1 and will be the one you want to use to play it by yourself. 3.91 MB
First Noel in 4