Here are soundfiles for ensemble “here comes the sun” 

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Fall 2022

I'm curious to know what you'd like to keep up, commit to practicing as part of our regular repertoire. I know not everyone has played everything, but give me some feedback none-the-less, if you plan to partake of either ensemble this fall. (yes, there will be Xmas as well as a piece of two of new non-Xmas music, and more new stuff in the spring)

on line rehearsal Jan 20, 2022

rehearsal Jan 2023


Ensembles pages in case you need music or whatever...


Year end recital Recording!


Sat July July 10th - Duncan - location TBA

1 - 4 pm  Harp Day in Duncan!!

bring your harp, all your music, your stand and your seat.

we'll play together (I hope)

Canon in D
Suo Gan
Polca del Norte
Dream Habanera

and possibly others - bring and suggest your favourites.  All are welcome, even if you don't regularly play in the ensembles. Including kids and teens. We shall celebrate with a grand harp sound. As long as the Covid rules don't bite us - so be good so we can!



newest version of the audio files  (these are jut the part alone, unlike in the one I posted earlier which has all the parts, with the named one louder.   harp 1   harp 2   harp3   harp 4

new score for harp 2 (about 8 measures changed in the middle)

note the typos I fixed the last kick - I had forgotten I had done this!


Canon in D  - Errata -

I've discovered a couple of typos in harp 1 and 1a  m49   last half note in the measure for those parts is E not D


Canon -  

some midi files which are just computer generated, but I've upped the volume on various parts. So you can listen to yours at a louder volume while you play along, or you can play yours against a different part louder. Mostly this is for folks who have had trouble getting the rhythms sorted. half notes, quarters, eighths and sixteenths all have their place!!

1 and 1a louder

2 and 2a louder

3 and 3a louder

4 louder

kantele louder


Requerdos - Heard today that someone in the ensemble got a downloadable version from Sharon Thormalen. Email her if you need a book


Dream Habanera is up for our next rehearsals.  here is the corrected bridge page.  As we worked on it in September, all will improvise on these chords. a few passing tones are acceptable. Later, we will work on how we will do it for performance, but first, everyone needs to be comfortable with the basic improv.


Also on the list (and email me if you are missing a part)

Polca del norte

Westcoast Gavotte


The swan - will be on for Duncan as well, if we can get a good handle on the rest of the material.

Can-Can  (this may be a Nanaimo only part, but if we don't have to labour too much on the others we'll add it in Duncan as well.