Sept 21, Oct 19, Nov 9, Nov 30  (none in Dec.)  Jan 18. Feb 8, Mar. 15, April 19, May 10

Studio B - Mondays at 2 - technique lessons in a group

April 19 

A hard class:

6 ways to REALLY know your music

find a rhythm that is difficult. Practice it using different notes. Understand the counting. Say it out loud!


Mar 15, 2021 

review dice game and results

Polca del norte

thinking of rhythms without reading them - using dice game

using metronomes


Eb and Bb to do dice with rhythms, but they could be any key and chords.

counting aloud and visuallising (really hear-isualising) the rhythms. practicing where you put the 1/2 notes. (harder than 1/8 notes!)

--- didn't practice with metronomes. Download a speaking one for next session.  Speakbeat or Iona or others.






Jan 18, 2031 

The pelvis, hip and knee contol the elbow - extending your knee o make your movements fluid

Salzedo -  432 and 1

solid and rolled


trills - 2 and 1 ,  2 and 1, and 4 and 1 --  same note up to octave apart.


Nov 9 

paus-y study (print sheet from last month)

rhythm exploring - matching the clicks or snaps

extending over beats - clear a little floor space beside so you can move while listening (watching is not necessary)

review jazz chord study

la riv scale in slow motion


Oct 19 

More rhythm work

pause- y chords from Salzedo

la riv scales with rhythm

jazz chord study  and review


class recording

some assignments:

  • put your metronome on for quarter notes. start slow - something like 60 and then place three triplets in each click.  every week kick it up 10 bps
  • be conscious of the full "stick length of every quarter note you play. try walking a noticing quarters.
  • play the la riv scales in two ways. Always do both if you're doing them.  one - super slow and say and notice every "and"  two -fast
  • jazz chord study - write the names of the chords above the treble staff. most, but not all, are 7th chords.