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Beginner Group Class in Duncan! Starts Jan18th and runs 5 weeks to Feb 15. Registration is $150 for class plus 45 for the book = $195. Harp rental is also available for $40 for 2 months for this class if you don't have a harp. Only 3 rentals available.

Harp start Pedagogy Level 1 is underway. You can find materials here.

Level 2 starts in January - register below

Want to teach, but not sure how to start? Or are you an experienced teacher looking for new materials for beginners? Marilyn's students are known for their fine musicianship and great technique - here is how and where it begins. 

Class meets approx every 2 weeks from Jan 18th, 2019 to May 24, 2019  for 1 1/2 hours. Classes are recorded so you can review and make notes later. There is a wealth of material to cover, continuing Bk 1 where we left off in Dec., and working in both bk and the Songbook with additional exercises and repertoire included.

If you are new to teaching, it is an ideal situation to find at least one student to practice on during the course!

Students are welcome to attend in-person in the Duncan Studio, but most students will be on-line. Interactions and questions work well for small classes using the Zoom platform.

It is recommended that you have taken a Level 1 course before doing level 2. Please email Marilyn if you need to "bend" this rule.


Duncan Adult Ensemble -  Registration for Sept - June 2018-19. Classes are approximately 2 per month. See calendar page for dates.

Host a Workshop in your area

Marilyn is available to teach workshops just about anywhere if the booking is early enough! She taught adults and youth in China last summer, and her students had a wonderful learning experience by all accounts!

"I love these harp day workshops - you're inspiring and comfortable, and I leave energized

Some possible workshops include...

Harp School