Studio class E for Evening

Studio Classes 2023-24 

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2021 - 2022 - all classes by Zoom

Studio C

Sept 28

  • what is an "and"
  • Playing scales
  • Applying  the dice game to left hand patterns  (you can find some written notes on the home page to review if you need them)

Oct 26

  • review of Sept
  • Alberti patterns (check out the welsh chords in HS 1)

Nov 30

  • raise your arms, not your shoulders
  • spider chords


Dec 14

  • apply albertis to Xmas tunes
  • apply spiders to xmas tunes



april 8, 2021 

V - I cadence. Ending an improv

Dice game in all keys

1-5-1 lh  II and IV  with common notes in RH

Metronome games


That was the plan - short class, no one was there! I recorded a class for you - went quickly when we had no pleople playing :)



March 11, 2021 

Keys and Chords -   by the numbers  adding 4 note scales to the mix

Dice game - In Eb this month  (we didn't get to much of this due to the Eb chords morphing into a rhythm exercise)

breathing scales - that and sliding hands and moving elbows - see end of recording

trills  maybe next time :)

talking metronomes for home improvement   -  android  - Iona metronome;  iphone Speak beats:  computer browser  not the best, but bearable




Jan 14 

Elbow and jewels - knuckle glisses from the elbo


pausy salzedos -   land on the and- closing fingers and thumb


lever flips  - d minor and major triads with and t]\without low D


rhthym work suo gan - beat 1 2 3 4



Oct. 8 - moved to 22 

We're paying attention to rhythm and counting today. No sheets to download till we're done, but it would be helpful to have set up where you can see the screen while standing or moving around a tiny bit.

And we'll play scales that we didn't get to the last class!


rhythm on a stick  - the beat has a lenghth - and you can subdivide it

grossi study - how to speed up

tapping the ands while playing the scale (la riv)