2020 - 2021  Lessons at 2:15



new pieces - 



Sept 29

minuet and


March 30 recording

Shenandoah - first 2 verses - mostly remember the counting on the long notes.

Salzedo conditioning exercises - I sent it with the email to the ensemble class

new sheet of Shenandoah


April 6

salzedo exercisies - it is very importtant to do these well, so we can do the more compicated versions as well


Shenandoah -



April 13 - 

Salzedo ex

shenandoah -  all the verses

vs 1 great

vs 2 great watch rolled chords at start

vs 3 careful with note a Em section

end lift and begin for grace note, and lift and begin on d for LH



Polca of the north - email.


April 20


shenandoah - make a recording

Polca -

Sicilaina - all good - play with the recording


Dream Habanera - look at video for rhythm section and the scale at m 14 and 15


April  27 (lesson video recording)

siciliana - record with the version where I am talking   here it is

redo if you want Shenandoah


Dream Habanera -    All about the counting - review on screen if you need help



Requerdos sheets


May 11

dream habanera improv section

the rest of Dream



May 18

a short story pg 20 suzuki 2

Nightingale -  pg 36

Dream -  be sure to leave enough space between "and" and "3"  in the rhythm


improv - solo you can do more adventurous rh,  but use counting metronom to make sure you have 4 beats in every bar.



May 24

Short stroy